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My name is Joyce Meng and I am passionate about global investing and social entrepreneurship. I am the Managing Partner/Founder of FACT Capital. In addition, since 2008, I have been the CEO/Co-Founder of Givology, a 100% volunteer-run online giving marketplace for education.

I graduated from the Huntsman Program of International Studies and Business at the University of Pennsylvania and then went to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. There, I pursued two courses of study – the MSc Economics for Development and the MSc in Financial Economics. Subsequently, I have been living and working in New York City.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, taking long walks, and learning new things. I played ice hockey from childhood throughout college, and intermittently play today in NYC when I can find the time.

When I think about my own fundamental truths, four things emerge: (1) in life, change is the only constant. In fixating on the past, you get left behind. (2) Hard work creates luck and opportunity. Grit works. (3) Bias to action - experiment rather than pontificate. Ideas create change only through implementation. Dreams can be idle, but defining a path forward and executing on it is not. (4) Helping others and giving back is the best way to live a happy life. Life is short – our legacy is the impact we create and the people we help. 

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Givology is a online giving marketplace that connects donors to high-impact grassroots education projects and student scholarships around the world. As a 100% volunteer driven organization, we aggregate small dollars and small hours into a power force of change for education, with emphasis on transparency and personal engagement.



While I don’t write as prolifically as I used to (most writing is now reserved to stock theses and updates), below is a collection of my essays and publications.



Reading is one of my favorite escapes and a great distraction from my daily subway commute. While I used to read only non-fiction, I've recently started to branch out more. I'm always looking for a new book - please email if you have a can't-miss recommendation!

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